When You Have to Deliver Tough News

Management Tip of the DayTo deliver bad news and rally people through the difficult changes necessary to address the problem, use these steps:
1-Acknowledge the problem’s seriousness. Use candid language, not euphemisms. Your honesty will send the message that you can be trusted.
hbp2-Lay out a path forward to a better future. Describe the goal in alluring terms, so your group will want to do the hard work of getting there.
3-Close with a call to action. You’ve fanned your employees’ enthusiasm, and they’re ready to get started. Tell them what the first step should be in moving toward the goal.

Una nota de Harvard Business Publishing … algo así como:

Para brindar malas noticias y consolidar a la gente a través de los difíciles cambios para superar el problema:
1- Reconozca su seriedad, sin eufemismos y mostrando honestidad;
2- Señale un camino hacia un futuro mejor, de modo que el grupo tenga una meta convocante, y
3- Cierre con un llamado a la acción, dígales qué es lo primero que deben hacer en el camino hacia su objetivo

Relacionado con la asunción del presidente de USA, Barack Obama.



Today’s Management Tip was adapted from “Three Challenges for Obama’s Inaugural Address” posted on January 15, 2009, by Nick Morgan on “Conversation Starter.”


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